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Marine Accommodation Ladders

Safe Harbor Marine manufactures high-quality custom telescopic accommodation ladders made of stainless steel and aluminum alloys for industrial applications. Safe Harbor’s engineers have the experience and application knowledge to design a barge and marine gangway accommodation ladder to meet your requirements, whether you need a vertical climb ladder to move between decks or a side ladder to provide external access to a ship.

What is a Marine Accommodation Ladder?

A marine accommodation ladder is used throughout ships and offshore platforms to provide access between decks. They must perform well in harsh marine environments, providing secure footing for personnel in wet and unstable conditions. The ladders can be designed as part of a ladder system or as a standalone ladder.

Custom Marine Accommodation Ladders

We specialize in custom ship telescopic marine ladders and have the capabilities to design and manufacture a safe, OSHA compliant barge ladder for your application, on budget, and on deadline. Our aluminum accommodation ladders are used on container ships, barges, docks, and offshore platforms. They are custom-designed to accommodate deck height, angle from vertical, rung height, ladder type, and handrail requirements.

Marine Barge Accommodation Ladder.

Types of Marine Ladders We Offer:

  • Double Rung Marine Ladders
  • Side Marine Ladders
  • Vertical Climb Marine Ladders
  • Safety Marine Ladders
  • Rolling or Telescopic Marine Ladders
  • Fixed Platform Marine Ladders
  • Removable or Portable Marine Ladders

Stainless Steel & Aluminum Gangway Features:

  • Heights from 32” to 52”, with custom heights available
  • Standard 24” and 28” width, with custom widths available
  • Feathering, fixed curved and grip treads
  • Handrails 42” above top step in standard configurations, with custom positioning available
  • Safety features, including non-skid serrated rungs and rubber foot pads
  • Construction using stainless steel and aluminum alloys specifically designed for use in marine and saltwater environments with welded joints that are corrosion and saltwater-resistant

OSHA Standard Compliance

Telescopic Marine Accommodation Ladder

Our marine accommodation ladders meet OSHA and OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) standards and can be manufactured to meet industry standards if required.

Why Choose Safe Harbor?

At Safe Harbor Marine, we are committed to providing you with the solution to your personnel's ship or barge access challenge. We will work with you to design and manufacture a safe marine aluminum gangway ladder or ladder systems that will meet your exact requirements and will continue to perform well for many years. We support our products with superior customer service that will ensure that you are satisfied with your Safe Harbor Marine ladder.


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