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Marine Loading Arms

Marine & Petroleum Loading Arms

Marine Loading Arms

marine loading arms

A marine loading arm also referred to as a mechanical loading arm or MLA is a mechanical arm that consists of steel pipes that connect a tankship, barge, oil tanker to a cargo terminal. Marine loading arms are used as an alternative to direct hose hookups, which is extremely useful for larger ships because it transfers at higher loading and pressure rates. Utilizing a loading arm over a hose can also provide an easier and more ergonomic operation, longer service life, and contains spillage of products without causing pollution. These machines can be controlled either manually or hydraulically. The marine loading arm is most widely used for loading and unloading almost any liquid or compressed gas from barges, ships, or tankers. 

Marine Loading Arm Distributor 

Safe Harbor Marine, in partnership with Customer Transfer Solutions (CTS),  distributes marine loading arms manufactured by Woodfield Systems, Ltd, a global leader in the industry. We offer loading arms designed to transfer a wide range of products from ambient to cryogenic materials, from docks, floating barges or offshore platforms, to ships or barges. 

Types of Marine Loading Arms

Safe Harbor Marine carries a variety of marine loading arms depending on your application. Types of marine loading arms include:

  • Petroleum loading arms
  • Chemical loading arms
  • Cryogenic loading arms

Marine Loading Arm Applications

Safe Harbor Marine distributes marine loading arms for a variety of applications. Our marine loading arms can load and unload the following:

  • Crude Oil
  • Chemicals
  • Cryogenic materials
  • Gas products
  • Slurries and more!

Petroleum & Chemical Loading Arms

Ocean Marine loading armsAmbient loading arms are designed to transfer refined products, crude oil, chemicals, slurries and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG); and can cover operating temperatures from -50 degrees to +200 degrees Celsius. Arm diameters range from 4" to 24" These petroleum & chemical loading arms are used to avoid hazards from occurring while transferring these products. 

Cryogenic Marine Loading Arm

Cryogenic marine loading arms are specifically designed to handle the structural requirements of transferring liquefied natural gas (LNG) to temperatures down to -164 degrees Celsius.

Woodfield Systems Marine Loading Arms Features:

  • Structurally supported stainless steel & carbon steel product pipe
  • Rigid pantograph links
  • Self-lubricating bushes
  • Stainless steel hydraulic lines and fittings
  • Loading arm balance using hydraulics or counterweights
  • Electro-hydraulic with option of trailing lead or wireless remote control operation
  • Fixed or rail/track mounting
  • Optional safety features include quick connect/disconnect couplings (QC/DC), emergency release systems (ERS), and overreach alarm to notify operator when the loading arm is exceeding the working envelope
  • OCIMF compliant

Safe Harbor Marine's experienced engineers and manufacturing team have the industry and application knowledge to design a marine loading arm system that will meet your exact specifications and will be delivered on time and on budget. Contact us today for a quote!


Marine Loading Arms Photos:

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