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Mounted Gangways & Track Gangways

Mounted Gangways & Safety Access Equipment

We offer a range of mounted marine gangways, ramps and bridges to provide a custom solution for your application. Safe Harbor Marine’s mounting options provide the functionality you need to ensure your marine access product performs to your requirements.

Safety Equipment Fixed Mount Gangway Options:

mounted gangway

  • Fixed Mounting – Used for gangways, bridges and ramps that do not require pivoting during operation.  Fixed mount gangways provide secure, safe access for personnel .
  • Pivot Mounting – Used for applications that require some variation in positioning, or spotting, the gangway or ramp for operation.  Pivoting mounts can be powered with pneumatic or hydraulic controls for exact placement and can be used with tracking mounts.
  • Track Mounting – Tracking mounts provide movement along a track to facilitate placement of the gangway and ramp for loading and unloading.  Pneumatic and hydraulic controls and pivot mounts are available with tracking mount options.
  • Wheels/Rolling – Used for applications that require flexible positioning of the gangway or ramp, wheel mounts allow the gangway to roll on the vessel deck.
  • Power Options – We offer manual, pneumatic and hydraulic controls for our pivoting, tracking and wheel mount gangways and ramps. Our engineering staff can recommend the most effective power option for your application.  Hydraulic controls use biodegradable oil to meet environmental standards.

As part of our turnkey custom design, our experienced engineering staff will work with you to select the mounting options that will meet your application requirements and ensure the safe, reliable performance you expect from Safe Harbor Marine products. Contact us today for all of your marine mounting needs!

Mounted Access Equipment Photos:

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